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Atten Texas Tinters ! (Or any other tinters)

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I was figuring we have several in and around Dallas, and am looking at putting together an informal get-together.

No real schedule, maybe get together on a Sat for dinner and put names with faces, maybe Tint Terrorist would show up ?

We have Traders Village, kind of a big flea market, along with Six Flags, etc, etc.

I could see about getting a block of rooms reserved for those from out of town.

If any seem interested, post here, I can put together more details.

Tentative date Feb 10th, subject to change if another date works better for everyone.

PM me if you have any other questions.

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maybe Tint Terrorist would show up ?

If you put a sign up in the back alley pointing to the dumpster saying: "all you can eat buffet" , he'll be there !

A good idea tint123 !..hope some of you can get together! :beer

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Guest willie

sounds good, but you might want to plan a little furhter out.

Mr P and TTC sometimes come up in this area. TDZ is close sometimes for the races.

Spot is right there and me and pitcha are about an hour and a half out.

Braude, Tinitman, and Cajun and BIg E might make the drive if planned well.

Kats and several more are within driving distance :beer

Good Idea and Tint terrorist is only a few hours from there

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What date you think would work, Willie ?

I was just guessing during the tint off-season, but of course the dates are flexible.

Of course, if everyone brings their tint that was headed to the Dumpster, Tint Terrorist might be saved the trouble of Dumpster Diving for his inventory for a few days !

Free Film might just make him show up !

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