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Remote Starter Question (2006 Charger)

Guest Smith68

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Guest Smith68

I have a Dodge Charger 2006 and have installed a ProStart CT-3200 remote starter. I have programmed the tach, etc and installed the Transponder bypass. When I press the start button, the car starts and runs for about 1-2 seconds and then shuts down. On the second start attempt (as part of the 3 start cycle of the remote starter) it starts and runs normal. This happens every time - the car successfully starts on the 2nd attempt with no intervention by me.

A few additional notes that may help. I have noticed that the failed start puts on the engine light. To test this, I did not use the remote starter for a week. The engine light eventually went out and never came back. Once I used the remote starter again the engine light returned.

Another item I have noticed is that, not all of the dash board lights go on on the first attemp to start. The 2nd attempt it appears that 'more' or all of the dash light come on. Not sure if this fact is significant or not.

I was able to get the same ProStart CT-3200 to work on the Chrysler 300 (2006), without this challenge.

Any help would be greatly appreaciated. Thanks and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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Maybe try the tachless mode. We never use the tach mode in the shop here. As far as the dash lights, most of the r/s brands that ive installed flash the lights 2 or 3 times upon starting. Im some what of a rookie to the remote starter feild though, so I may be wrong. Are you sure the bypass kit is hooked up correctly too? Might want to check that out. Or watch the "security" light or and "anti-theft" light/led, which ever the vehicle is equipted with and see if it stays on after started, if so, chances are its the bypass kit hooked up incorrectly. Good luck!

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Guest Smith68

Thanks for the input. The bypass seems to be working. I tested that part by removing the bypass antenna around the key area and the car failed to start all 3 times and the security light did come on. I then tested with the key inserted (no bypass) and that car behaved as before (failed to start on the first attempt, but started on the 2nd attempt).

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