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Serving Muskogee since 1987

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Hi my name is Michelle, most people call me "Tint Lady". I've had this title since I was 19. I love working on automobiles and developed that passion from the age of 13. I have owned my own business since 1987. I am approaching a twenty year mark of serving Muskogee and am excited about that!

I look forward to work each day. I really like making automobiles "look good". My customers always tell me my shop is nice and clean. I try to keep it that way. Customers tell me that my office/waiting area is warm and cozy and the chairs are comfy! I also love sharing my hobby and love of collecting antiques with many of my customers. My shop is full of them!

The window film I prefer above all others is Madico window films. I have found this product to last longer than any I have ever experimented with. I warranty my work and stand behind the product. A big part of my success has been because of this product, Madico. The film, when applied properly goes on and stays on for many years of enjoyment. Some other tint shops may say Madico is harder to work with but I find its lasting quality to far outway any difficulties I may encounter when applying this film to any auto.

When people enter my shop they will find me jamming to the greatest and latest of Christian music and if they are lucky, maybe catch me singing. My joy is in the Lord and I am blessed to be able to have a job that I get a lot of satisfaction out of.

God Bless You and come see me soon!

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An update! I am now currently celebrating serving Muskogee and the surrounding area for 30 plus years with an all new shop building and new innovations to continue my pursuit of quality tinting in a professional manner! My 30 year celebration was put on hold when a tornado singled out my building May 18, 2017, and whiped it completly out. Now I can continue to serve with a new outlook as well as a new shop building. G3!!


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