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You know what's amazing about the different facets of window tinting?

In auto I was getting a good strong calluse on the inside of my thumb between the first and second joint....no where else.

Now since specialising more in flat glass and auto has been let slide, that calluse is gone and another has developed in an entirely different area.

Because I'm kneeling more and more often working at floor level installing flat glass, 2 calluses have built up on my big toe area on my preferred RHS due to bending of my foot and the shoe putting more pressure on the crease line of the big toe. One is about an inch down from the top of the nail and the other is about 2 inches down on the same toe.

Nothing on the LHS.

Anyone else go that?

Interesting! :lol


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Guest MidcoastMW
Thats wierd.... :uh I dont do a whole lot of flatglass.

Maybe try a naw pair of shoes...or some different socks...... :lol


I dont think they wear either of those down under. :uh

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I used to have a weird callus on the side of my pointing finger, opposite my thumb, on the first segment, I mean it was frickin huge, and hard as a rock, and after a few years it went away, I think I changed the way I held the squeegee or something, I don't know it just went away

yeah, I know, "that's what she said"

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