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Alcohol for the matrix


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Guest naughtydog

Sounds good...do you not get any comtamination from the lifting and reapplying?

I suppose this works best for windows with a large are of matrix at the top?

I would imagine it would be a bit fiddly for regular windows?

I will try it.

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:thumb I have a lot of newer hondas I do and of course people want the matrix and there brand new car to be perfect, I have a seperate sprayer with just water in it and do that same thing, flushing out the soap :thumb turns out great everytime
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Guest willie
Dot matrix: the easiest solution to make them appear perfect. shrink apply and squeegee as normal. pull back the film on the matrix part, spray with a mix of 50/50 alchohol and water, lay film over the dots, let soak for 45 seconds or so , and squeegee out as normal. works like a motha :thumb
this has been my method for awhile now instead of glue. but it doesn't work everytime. I fall back to the glue when it doesn't.

nice tip 1 peece

My question to both of you, is if it doesnt work all the time do you think its the different type of films or the matrix :thumb Thanks

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Guest haroldshouseoftint
The alcohol really loosens up the glue.....but dont use too much....the glue will just run off the film.


:thumb thats why I stopped doing it

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