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What lint free to use for wiping edges

Guest chip01

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Guest chip01

Tried a few different ones but when wiping the top edges of roll downs still finding they are leaving bits behind. I know some people use microfibe cloths but I don't find these that absorbant.

What do you guys recommend

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Guest pmuzik
After blading and before squeeging and flushing is when I wipe the top and the sides, so any lint that may be there doesn't become a factor.

Are you describing wiping your arse of puttin on pappas :thumb

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Guest MidcoastMW
Not really, besides, during your prep the wiping of the top edge should not be your last step anyway.


spray and blade.......... squeegee.....spray, wipe top edge and frame with Scot blue shop towel, squeegee, flush sides, wet and stick. :thumb

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