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tinters breakfast

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I t seemed likeI was draging and tired every morning so I decided to try an energy bar,I have been having these for breakfast everymorning for about 6 weeks the give me energy and I can go till 1 or 2pm without getting hungry , not to metion slimming dowm a bit :thumbMetrx_100gbarnew_big.jpg

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I usually dont eat breakfast but it is something that I need to start doing, although I noticed that if I do eat breakfast I am hungrier by lunch then if I dont eat breakfast.

How do the bars taste, most that I have had taste like someones dirth button.

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6 slices of thick cut bacon, 2 eggs over easy, 2 slices of wheat toast with real butter,grits, 3 girl scout cookies, and a glass of juice or doctor pepper. every other morning. Sometimes a bowl of cereal, or a patty melt plate

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