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Recommend - Film and Installer

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I'm a homeowner, lurking around trying gain some knowledge. I decided to post now that I'm ready to have some work done.

The Need

The babe wants blockage of rays that can damage/fade furniture. Wants no reflections or darkening, though I realize that to block the rays you have some of both. Doesn't care about glare, though a bit less heat would be nice. (I'd suggest awnings, but I like sleeping in the same bed.)

The Windows

A few old single pane (2-1x6, 1-5x6, 1-5x2.5 half moon). Most are high-end, dual-pane, tempered glass, 3 year old french doors and sidelights and a few other windows of similar construction. I don't see anything that notes they're LowE.

The Installer

We live in Long Beach, CA. I didn't see anyone local posted in the other section.

* What film?

* Installer recommendations?

Thank you very much.



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Guest vclimber

French panes? Go light like 60-70%vlt and it will look nice. Darker films don't look as good on some French Pane Frammes. Most films will reject >99% UV so for sun damage you'd want to try and reject as much heat as possible too.

Contributors to Sun damage breakdown:

40% UV

25% Heat

25% Visible Light

10% Misc.

The more you eliminate of each category, the better.

There are films on the market that are very light and reject up to 58% of the solar energy but they contain silver which is subject to corrosion. So being that you are in Long Beach you may want to look at these very low reflective films that do not contain dyes and will not corrode.

Huper Optik Ceramic 50&60

Madico MAC 5000 or 6000

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Guest mischief

3M NV-35 if you actually want to make a significant change in the fading. People say that don't want the make the windows darker, but very few actually mean that. normally they mean they don't want it to feel cloudy or to be hard to see out of the windows.

But the best advice is find the company you trust and buy the film they trust, because the perfect film in the wrong hands... worthless.

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Like it was said you want to stop visible light aswell as UV and heat to get the best protection. I think a 40% would be a good choice for it will block a fair amount of heat and also give you UV protection and block more light.

Huper 40%

MAC 40%

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Guest vclimber
Vista SpectraSelect



Two more options for you to consider. There are a lot of brands out there! All of them the same but different.

Excellent films but he's right by the ocean. Those films will corrode.

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obvously you would have to go with a good ol silver 20%. excellent clarity looking out really depending on the manu being used. to avoid fading of the furniture or anything interior really. if you want the maximum silver20% would be nice. but if you dont mind paying the extra bang Vclim is on the money using a ceramic film which you dont have to go so dark and get alot of heat blocking out. :lol

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