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some cuts on the top of the d/p dont line up but I think its b/c the film is shifting from the way the film is on the tube my mistake... there are some cuts that I request from tinttek but they still havent added the patterns ... for example the del sol

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I think you're referring to the patented TintTek Dip. A slight dip on the leading edge of the d/p rollups is common.

PrecisionCut has NICE patterns. Not a lot of older vehicles, though. But PrecisionCut doesn't work with my plotter... *ahem*LOGAN*ahem*

If you want 'the best', hand cut is the only way to go.

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precion cut dont have alot of patterns tinttek has but the cuts are ok ....

SSC do you use cc or tinttek or hand cut

I have tinttek, the customers love it. you know 'WOW, the machine cuts the film!?!'

I would hope that any tinter who happens to have a plotter system is also capable of producing a decent hand cut. we usually use the plotter, and especially if the custy is watching, cuz they think it's cool. but sometimes it's not worth the bother.

I would prefer to have precision cut over tinttek. the lack of patterns isn't really a concern. there are more features.

tinttek is far easier to use than precisioncut for a non-computer person, but I'm a computer person, so that's not a concern for me, either.

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Mr. P is right by saying that Stainless steel Olfa's are for newbies :dunno:beer. That is why I use a :lol2 and a reddot. :poop

Seriously every puter cutter I have seen leaves the edge uneven in most cases. That is why we file the edge on 90% of our cars.

The only way you can get a perfect edge everytime is by handcutting. :lol2

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