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F150 help

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I know im in the wrong section but I need quick help..

I have a 07 f150 in the shop right now and I cant get the rearview mirror off...

there is a clip on the back.... but... cant pull it out push it up... ????

:thumb help me please....... :lol2

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Guest willie
I cracked a f150 windshield also because I didn't have the right tool. best thing you could do is let it go without the f.strip until you have the right tool.

:thumb and they rattle after you've broken the factory bond and put them back on

If you'll cut it contoured to the as1 line and keep it legal you can cut around the bracket when trimming on the outside

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Guest willie
Hammer and chisel? :thumb

:lol2 or you could take the lazy Jethro way and computer cut it.

1-800- Fords Suck -Number 3 customer complaint is the rear view mirror rattle :poop

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Guest deanjones
I have broken to many just send it on its way without on to much of a risk in my opinion.

Or you can hack it and put a small slit at the bottom of the strip that creates a small seam below the rear view mirror. :lol2 That way you can slide it over the rear view mirror. I had to do this a few times on older trucks where I wasn't going to even try to remove the rear view mirror due to possible breakage and customers didn't mind at all. You leave it sitting around for a few hours in the sun and get a lil chizler on it, you can barely see the seam.

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Well I borke it.. The mirror that is...

I took a quick ride to work and grabed the shop manule.

In the book it says to rotate mirror up and down and hit it to release it from the ball and socket part of the mirror. :lol2 To reinstall revirse procedure. :lol2

So I did it the way the ford manule says..

came off very easy going back on was 20 min. of puhhing and hitting.. finally resulting in breaking :lol2

after that I was looking at it and the way I cut it I would not of had o take it off :lol2 :lol2 :lol2

Well that god I work for Ford and will cover it under warranty :lol2

but does kinda suck to have to explain to the costomer

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