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Dogs in Tahoe

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My 11:00 Appointment today came in on time. :thumb This guys picks out the film, I get his keys to pull the vehicle in and he tells me he has to get his 2 dogs out of the truck. :poop I said dogs and he told me they wont bother me. I said I know because I dont allow dogs in the waiting room. :krazy He says what do you want me to do stand out in the 40 degree temp. I told him that isnt covered under my insurance policy if his dog would bite a customer. All he could say was they wont bother anybody. I said the dogs should of stayed home, and I cant tint your vehicle because the dog hair is all over the inside. Needless to say I lost an hour of work because of some idiot. :thumb:tantrum

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I once did a dog trainers car....full...and I mean FULL of dog hairs. I thought it was going to be a big problem but figured id try one window and see....ended up finishing the car...didnt vacuum or anything...and it came out sooooooo clean!! I was amazed! Guess I got lucky.

I would normally have told her to go clean out the car first...but we were trading off services....she trained my pup...and since the dog dont listen to :beer I figured it was ok if there were a few dog hairs in the tint :lol2:lol2:lol2 but I really turned out clean :thumb go figure :lol2

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