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I love it when they decide the price is too high since they can get it done for $89 and they come back months later not understanding why they have to pay to get the crapola film removed so they can have a quality film and install, which they woulda had in the first place if they had paid your higher price to begin with !

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Guest haroldshouseoftint
I love it when tinters think there are going to be issues with layering film. :thumb


I love it when you go do 2 doors on a jeep and full tint on a tahoe on easter and the customer gives you a $50.00 tip for taking the time to do his vehicles on easter sunday


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I love it when a "customer" comes in on a day you have had scheduled for weeks as a residential flat glass day, and says he has a appointment and says the price and its way lower than your price you quote people. Then you try and explain that he probably had a appointment at a comeptitors tintshop :evilgrin because thats not even the price we charge, they get mad and leave :beer

face it buddy you fvcked up and called too many shops and got your shvit all messed up :dunno

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