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Guest Bulldog
What is the absolute best film anyone has used?

There are alot of good films out there. No one will respond much to this question because it becomes a p1ss1ng contest. Be more specific with your question....

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I won't get into a debate...but I've used solar guard, johnsons, suntek, and Llumar...and I've decided to stick with Llumar. I've seen the best results and least returns with Llumar's ATR. But its expensive...so theres the downfall. And if you look back to CP Films who makes Llumar, their Vista film is spectacular for comm. and res.


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depends on what the needs of the install are for. If they are going for maximum heat rejection then they want a silver reflective film. If they are wanting just UV protection then a clear UV film will be the answer. If they are wanting minimal reflectance with as much heat rejection then they will want ceramic film or something similar. There is no best film, it depends on the needs of the customer.

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