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08 Avenger


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At first glance it looks like a minature Charger. The rear window is a very easy one piece install. I removed the door panels on the front two doors and tucked the rear door seals. If the film is pre-shrunk on the outside then front door panel removal isn't necessary.

The door seals do not come out like they do on the Charger.

Overall it is an easy install :eyebrows

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I did another one today and had a little more time to figure things out.

The front door panel lifts right off the scraper seal makeing it easy to take out.

The rear doors have a plastic peace on the rear that pops right off first, then you lift the door panel off that scraper seal and pull it right out. :thumb

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Yeah, I've done a few of those recently and tucked the seal on the first one, but found out that there were 2 stinkin' seals behind that panel. I'm not one to remove door panels, but definately needed to on this one. Not much to them at all, the rear doors I left on and had enough room to tuck the film. Worth the extra effort, instead of pullin and tucking on the fronts :lol2

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dude's dope as easy pull the cover on the front door for the mirrors and roll the window down and just pull the door panels away from the top and remove the piece and for the rears the same only its the big rear pieces that have three little clips that hold it on and take it off then same as above peel back door panel and just slide the piece out very easy no need to remove panels :thumb

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