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Would you answer this e mail

Guest naughtydog

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Guest naughtydog

One thing I hate is people who send obnoxious enqueries from my website. I dont even aswer them as if that's what the e mail is like - imagine the customer.

Just got this one:-

"give me tinting glass paper price"

Thats' it.

No thanks, kiss my arse, nothing

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Respond the same way you would to a Customer walking into the shop asking "give me price on tint"

You never know how much any potential Customer is worth !

Take a few moments to respond, it might be worth some decent money, but you never know !

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Guest Sprinter

back in the late 70's this guy who was dressed like he just woke up kinda like a surfer in old jeans messed up hair and tennies on walked in to a chevy dealership and told the salesman he wanted to buy a corvette they laughed him out the dealership so he walked across the street to the porsche dealership and drove out in a new porsche and also paid cash for 16 other porsche's on the spot.

so maybe you should respond to the e-mail.

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