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Thermal stress?????????

Guest shattered

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Guest shattered

Got a call his window is broke. He is 50+ miles away so had him take pics. Once I seen the pics I haven,t seen stress crack like this before. I may have to just drive down and look for myself. What do you think form the pics.




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looks like there is seal failure too. Is that a frozen over lake in the background? Regaurdless if it is thermal stress or not if you tinted them and they broke then the film manu should have a warranty for glass breakage for 2 years.

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Guest haroldshouseoftint

:beer I had a window last summer, western exposure, that broke like that, manf warrantied it, but thinking back on the job, I know I used a "new" olfa, and I think I didn't change out the blade, so I'm almost positive I scored the glass :mad if thats what happened to you or not, but the crack looked almost identical to that.


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Guest vclimber

I doubt it is thermal stress. Probably a clamshell on the top edge from cutting or perhaps pinched from settling...

3 things that make up true Thermal Stress:

1. Thermal stress fractures propagate at 90? angles to the glass edge and to the two glass surfaces.

2. Fracture line always runs straight from the edge for 1-2 inches before beginning to multiply across the window.

3. Thermal stress fractures always originate along the middle ? to ? of a side, away from the corners and they always originate from the glass edge.

It's hard to tell but I don't see conditions #2&3. You will have to remove the window to be able to identify thermal stress condition #1.

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Guest pmuzik

looks like a stress crack to me . I'll bet when that sucker comes out there will be a chip

or nick right where it starts. V is right though it wasn't broke before you tinted it so start the process to replace it get it done and move on. Looks like a biggun too !!! Bummer

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Was is already filmed?... if so thermal crack

If not, stress crack for sure from pics.... I see these alot living in FL. Imperfection behind frame can pop at any time for any reason.(wind, someone just barely touching window, cold then hot day)

If it was filmed and then cracked he needs to contact co. that filmed it! Let them fix it.

I have seen lots of stress cracks like this. (from ur pics)

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