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The University I attend

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I attend a smaller private business school that offers an aftermarket management degree. They are now breaking ground on a new building and want students with hot cars to bring them out for a meet an greet when they bring prospective students for a tour.

I was asked to bring my stang, and round up some others and its been a killer week for work because of it, everyone is bringing their new toys out for the spring. I landed a WS6 Trans Am that is just nasty, two 03' Cobra's, one is an R&R cause the matrix is nasty, and a F-250 Quad Cab. And the best part is you know I'll be marketing the CRAP outta myself while at this event. Attending an aftermarket friendly school is very lucrative, especially when there is a dealership management program so there are plenty of rich kids who run through demo's like kegs. The Trans-Am belongs to the same person who had me tint an S6 Wagon the other week. That car is already gone!

Just figured I'd fill ya'll in on my success at this and about the school and its program. Its an excellent school for anyone interested in a career in the aftermarket industry. I kinda feel like its taylor made for me.


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