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Advantage Window Film

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Tried some Advantage HP Charcoal and Raven 1.5 today. Both are really nice films to work with. The HP seemed to have a brownish hue to me but it may be the lighting. Both were very clear without orange peel distortion. The liner peels easy and the adhesive tacks up easily even with the cooler temps. Both films were easy to shrink also. Overall they both seem like nice films! :dunno:evilgrin

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Kool Kustomz,

I think you're thinking of SolTek. They claim their film is shrinkable on the sides.

:dunno:beer I talked to a rep for about 15 minutes a couple of weeks ago and he never mentioned nor did the litature that he sent with the film say that the film shrinks on all sides. BTY I havent found any film that does! :evilgrin Oh I almost forgot, they express ship their film at regular shipping prices which seems pretty cool. and no I am not affillated in any way with them just giving an honest opinion on a new product that I have tried! :nope

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They do make a variety of films, are you saying you didn't like any of them?

I only have used the :beer HP and the chrome stuff its not that I did not like the film I just preffer a little bit different adhesive. I did think that it shrinks great and I did like the color but I just wasnt to fond of the adhesive for what I was used to. I did try the HP about a year or more ago so maybee it changed a bit. For the reccord I am in no way bashing Advantage it just did'nt work for me thats all. I do stock the "chrome" line for tint graphics but havent bought from them in quiet some time. :shock

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