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llumars clay film

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Llumar clay film ---- Any one seen or used this new film. Suppose to have no metal with high heat rejection . I assume since its from llumar it will be over priced . I use to do alot of platium plus films but the price now is crazy . They are pricing themslves out of the market.

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Guest deanjones

It's more expensive and not necessarily made of "Ceramic". :beer It's Cermit. haha

However, I'm selling it just fine in my shop! All ya gotta do is explain it's benefits and a lot of people jump on it.

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Guest darkdan

It's "Kermit".....oops, I mean cermit. WhateverTF that is.

Specs for ATX


ATX05: 5% 8% <1% 55%

ATX15: 14% 8% <1% 50%

ATX30: 30% 8% <1% 44%

ATX40: 40% 9% <1% 40%

ATX50: 50% 10% <1% 35%

Not nearly high heat rejection. Just barely better than ATR CH.

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