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Need some red film

Guest haroldshouseoftint

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Guest haroldshouseoftint

I just got a call and need around 200 sq ft of red film for internal windows on a building I know Solargarb used to have it, but I just called and no luck.

madcow doesn't have any either :lol2

Help me :krazy

I know there used to be a place in florida called Solar Graphics but I can't find a # for them


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hey TM237 ...hit up GLOBAL :krazy they have some in my swatch with prices and sizes on my other sheets so I know they must have it. I was thinking of getting a roll of each color just to play around with graphix, they have blue, red, yellow and green from what I know of


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:poop:) what tintdesignz said!!!

Solar Graphics is a part of computercut. The last thing I heard was that there was a 25K buy in to become a Solar Graphics dealer. They do have a whole lot of colors though. :gasp

fo that kinda :poop ..........they betta be havin sum colors!!!!!

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