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Madico auto film range information please!

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I'm thinking of trying our Madico films. I want a series of films from Madico that will replicate the HP Charcoal series from Solargard in terms of how it looks once applied.

I have heard that Madico films come out looking all sorts of funny colors and in some cases very shiny.

I also need a series of films that heat shrink well.

Any help would be much appreciated, thanks.

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charcool is kinda greenish kinda like a ray ban sunglasses type look. excellent claritiy but I dont think its the look for every car out there.

Onyx is suppose to be a metal film but it doesn not interfere (sp?)with gps or antenna's. not at all shiny I think....

onyx 35% here


and here


I dont have any charcool pics. I hardly ever use it. :gasp

great film company we've used the past over 10 years ++ and they're films last a long time. I got customers coming back with film failure's after 10 years or so. they just go clear. no bubbles, no purple windows :poop

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Guest haroldshouseoftint

:lol what TINT said, I will get you some pics tommorow of the Charcool it doesn't look green from the outside, it looks black, just inside out it "enhances" the glass natural green tone

You will like Madico products :thumb I've been with them almost my whole 15+ years


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Guest haroldshouseoftint

I think they all shrink great, some people will argue that fact and say that it is a very hard film to shrink, :eyebrows it all depends on your technique I guess.

I would say the Charcool series shrinks the easiest though :thumb

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Guest haroldshouseoftint

they both shrink about the same, at least to me.

are you in the UK?

If so, look up a member on this board user name naughtydog.

I think he has used quite a bit of the onyx over there, and some charcool as well.

He could give you a better answer than I, as I've heard films are differant in differant parts of the world :lol


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You may not like the greenish color of charcool, but the onyx has a noticeably bluish color, which reminds me of the old days with 3m panther film after 6 months, so I definitely don't like that look.

well that's 3M , onyx does not fade in 6 months :thumb . its more of a gray tone. :beer

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