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Customer complaint

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Hello everyone,

First of all I would like to introduce myself in this forum where?by the way I learn a lot of things for this business.

At this point you realized that I am not english speaker, you are right, I am Spanish with one year experience in the window tinting (mobile), and a lot of things to learn, so, please sorry for my english if you are not able to understand me.

The day before yesterday went to one garage for tinting a Nissan Serena ( model of Minivan that I have never tinted before).

The Minivan is 9 years old and belongs to a plumber, so you can imagine how is the backside, full of tools until the top, rusty, dusty , scratched inside in two windows, even with mud between the gaskets :gasp and the window and pieces of silicone sticked on the glasses.

Well, after re-do the back glass twice because the problems I have mentioned before (specially the silicone all around the glass) , the owner came to the garage and he was told that I was trying to do my best in his van and he recognized that it was a bit ?dirty? and ?don?t worry? , do it as well as you can.

After tint the van, I was paid? and today ( 2 days later) , this b**tard, phone me to tell me how horrible has left his van and if is possible to remove the entire tint.

I have explained him that yes, I cann?t consider this job , a perfect job, but I don?t know what he was expecting in his van. :poop

Then he has told me to redo it or remove it, and I have told him remove it and now he wants his money back.

I am not an experienced tinter, but I have never had a complaint for my jobs.

What should I do?

Any advise?

Thanks a lot

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Guest naughtydog

In your position, I would give hime the money back and move on. Stay away from old shitter cars and learn from it. You will probable have to remove windows to get a clean job - are you upto this?


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