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Subcontracting -Pro's- Con's

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We are considering using sub-contractors to augment our own installation crew. The subs are candidly better installers than our own people (sad but true) . These subs are experienced 8 ML security film installers with many thousands of sq feet experience.

What are the positives versus the negatives in using sub-contractors? What would you experienced shop owners consider a reasonable rate factor?

And please assume for argument sake that the subs are really superb installers that have their own Workmans Comp , Liability insurance and references.

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Guest vclimber

You generally will get good work out of subs because now you are their customer instead of their employer. Check with you accountant to make sure you have what the IRS views as a subcontractor relationship. They will require more per sq ft because they are carrying their own insurance, vehicle expenses, etc...

The only con besides bad work is that you don't want them to start doing side jobs with your film. Rare but it can happen. :rollin

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Subcontract is how I work, you should see if they have any references and yes they will charge more per sq because they are a business aswell, they have all the costs that you do minus the film. Also if they are coming from out of town then they will probably charge a per dium rate and lodging aswell. If they are in the area depending on how far away maybe an hour commute they may charge gas too.

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