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Solargard HP Charcoal 22 piece needed

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Hi guys.

I have an old customer who had is back glass smashed. He has got a new one and it needs to be tinted up in the same film I did the rest of the car in.

We no longer use Solargards HP Charcoal 22 but thats the film it was tinted in and so I need a piece about 22'' x 50''.

We are in the UK, so if anyone can help me out with a piece asap, that would be great.

You can leave a message on here, PM me or email us at jpwindowfilms@hotmail.com

Thank guys.

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how old is the original tintjob? the HP charcoal is not color stable so if it's been long enough it might not end up being a perfect match anyway. I used a ton of that film for years...unfortunately I don't have any left or I'd be happy to send you some. :poke

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The original job is about 2 years old but I replaced a few pieces that were 3 years old on a different vehicle about a year ago and they matched very well. It's probably because we dont have a lot of sun over here in thew UK like you guys get and its nowhere near as intense sunlight anyway.

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