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Outside pane broken - will it matter?

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All glass sunroom... double pane windows. Outside pane is cracked.

Would there be any problem with tinting the window since the inside pane is the one getting the film?

I have not seen the window... I'm only going by a msg that was given to me. So I don't really have any more info other then that. If they are interested in having their windows tinted, I'll check it out when I see them for the est but I figured I would start checking around....


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Guest bobzampa

If it is dual pane the seal will eventually fog & you don't want the customer to say the tint caused it. I don't think warranties cover tinting a broken unit. I'd suggest replacing or getting a signed waiver.

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Guest Key West

Not any more!!! :DD Just make sure the custy knows that any condensation is cause by the crack. Also, notate the broken pane, and its location on both the custy's reciept and the warranty paper work. Have the custy sign it. You are covered.

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Believe me, they will know, and acknoldge, the issue and that it won't be covered.

I just wanted to make sure it would not cause problems with the other pane. If they decide to opt for film, I'll have a better idea once I see the windows.


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Guest mischief

If they are planning on moving soon, tint the broken window. Otherwise why invest the money in treating something that is broken? Your film won't hurt the window, but ... the karma, Feng Shui, etc etc etc of leaving a broken thing around... not good.

my :DD

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Guest vclimber

Nothing but the seal failure would probably happen but I wouldn't do it. Liability... A good lawyer can always figure out how to blame you. Make em fix it 1st. :DD

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