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Do it yourself tint


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this morning a couple of guys came in and bought some tint to do the back window of their '91 grand marquis :DD

I went out to measure the back window to see how much they would need (limo of course) and saw the papas on their side glass....nice blue gila :lol2 (and they still had the boxes inside the car)

They came back in an hour or so to buy some more tint :DD but when I told them I had a cancelation and could take them in right now if wanted, they took me up on it. I wish they hadnt waited around....I would have taken pics of the job they did on the doors. It would have made that job look awesome :lol2:lol2:lol2

oh well....worked out good for me! I got to sell the original tint...and then get full pop for tinting the back glass. :DD

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