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consecure tape...

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It was 3M tape but the company that had the film private labeled it themselves as a weak anchoring system . This was in the S E Florida area as I recall.

I believe that they simply could not pass cycling tests. The other company that had a similar system was PermaGard a FTI dealer in that area ( they may actually be the original company that sold this stuff.

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I just got an email about this thread, thought I'd post it...

Just noticed your site this evening, and first impression is--Wow, do/did you and/or other persons who had posted in April, 2007 to the "Forum" of TintDude.com ever have your collective "facts"/statements and comments wrong!

This was NEVER a "3M tape". It was NOT a "weak anchoring system". It had successfully passed "cycling tests" with independent wind tunnel test results having been conducted and issued to verify. "baekert" did not "produce it", but had purchased the product and had offered/sold it to several of its security laminate dealers. And the "Consecur System" had withstood hurricanes and burglary attempts--in combination with the intended (and specified) system accompaniment SECURITY LAMINATE--as opposed to cheaper, inadequate, e.g., 3-, 4-mil window film (not security laminate) as some others had earlier and improperly promoted. Previous testing had indicated that it had performed, if recalled correctly, better than "995", or at LEAST as well as.

(Tintdude.com Forum Postings 09/2006: "Consecure Tape and BondKap are the only attachment systems I know of that can secure a residential window. Consecure is a little hard to find. It is no longer in production. BondKap is new and readily available."

The name was Consecur and not Consecure; BondKap is a mechanical and not a clear tape system.)

"PermaGard a FTI dealer" was NOT "the original company that sold this stuff", although the company had at one time been authorized by the (Consecur) developer to offer and use the product in conjunction with its sale and installation of security film/laminate to PermaGard customers.

www.consecursystems.com (site has been removed from Internet, but had been active for some five or so years before removal) had been responsible for the development of and had sold (not "this stuff" but) this attachment tape to be anchored to security laminate to produce an attachment system, with ease and relative speed of installation by trained persons, without odors or unsightly mechanical systems or black outlines on windows.

"Why was it taken off the market?" Was it? Not really. However, between 2004 and 2006 its access was intentionally restricted to only a selected few and has not been produced for sale to or use by any others.

Read, too, with interest, a more recent post:

QUOTE (FilmBlazer @ Sep 15 2008, 04:03 PM) [*]641988

What is the suggested method of anchoring for 8 mil applied to entry doors. Its a gov't job so the

requirement is 3/4" caulk but the frames are not deep enough for it. Thanks for the help.

A version of the Consecur attachment tape plus specific proprietary security laminate for such a system had also been produced (and tested) for bomb blast resistance in 2002-2003 as had been described in the former website. However, Consecur's blast attachment system had not been made available to any organization other than the developer.

Just wanted to attempt to correct some inaccurate (and most likely unintentionally misleading [at least from our perspective]) information previously posted to "the 'net", even if same may now be outdated, and even if the information in this email is not posted to the current Forum..

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Guest vclimber
So why doesn't this person sign in as a member and post? :cry

I guess the same reason you want to be stealth? :yoda:lol

Well then maybe I should send TD an email to post for me saying that you are wrong. :olfa

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Guest tintgod
So why doesn't this person sign in as a member and post? :cry

I guess the same reason you want to be stealth? :?:lol

Well then maybe I should send TD an email to post for me saying that you are wrong. :yoda

ok...but im sure it wouldnt be important enough for him to post it here...so im good with that. :olfa

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Guest teamfutaba

welcome back VC...

I have some input about consecur. started working with it maybe 15 years ago. at the time it was the newest latest greatest thing out. sold like hot cakes. being in the same local for a long time and having relationships with the same custys for a long time you get the oppertunity to see your work years after the install. well the "con"secur didnt hold up to all the hype. in one apartment it had yellowed, looked like krap and was easy to remove, just peel a edge and snatch it off. ***s on a bull. bekaert was the local disty and V4V is right it was developed by some guy in boca raton fl. I had never heard of any test's it had passed and never seen any documentation to support it's claims as a real anchoring system. bekaert was raising the price as fast as the price of gold. made it even harder to sell especially when there was no volume discount. so bidding large commercial jobs I.e. 5000+ rolls was the same price as buying 1 roll. im glad there gone. to who ever sent TD that email, your ( TD you need a smiley for beating a dead horse).

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