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copper brush

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never heard of it.

try plexus or a dryer sheet in the mean time :thumb

Just tried static guard, the film still got caught up and bunched up after about the first 7 feet. I can see & feel the static is being produced as the film is pulled from the roll. Do you use a dry dryer sheet or get it a little wet, and what do you do rub your plotter with it :lol2:lol2

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Rub the "dry" dryer sheet on the film. I dont use a plotter but have heard that it works. BTW I use global QDP alot it has anti static built in the film and I notice that it really does work when I dry shrink a back glass and peel the liner I dont get that little shock we all love so much. it may be worth a try. :thumb

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here is a thought.

arrange some dryer sheets to hang down on the film as it comes off the roll on the plotter.

another thought is that anti static device that painters use to connect to a car or fender that they are painting, mebbe connect that to the plotter to ground it out?

Check out auto body supply for that.

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Judging from another post you made , you already have a load of global. is it static charging on you? or is it another film?

:thumb yep its the qdp & qdp only for some reason, but I really like the film and want to keep it. It's been a hassle though, even after I cut the pattern from the plotter for example a huge back window pattern I can feel the static coming fromt the film just sticking to me as I walk with it. Anti-static liner? :lol2 I must have a few bad rolls.

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try calling the Film manu if you havent already. they may have experience with running it tru a plotter.

out of curiosity, why use a plotter, are you doing tons of cars a day or something?

Yeah I've talked to manufact. , said something about draping copper garland over film & of course its not the time of year to find copper garland. Yeah we do atleast 5 a day and a bunch of dealer work. Even when just pulling film out of box I can hear and feel the static, you ?

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