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Hooked up my whip

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I tinted up my stang finally after its been chillin at the shop for weeks. Its a car thats been resprayed, restored, was rusty, etc... so it was a contamination bitch. Its ended up an excellent tint job and a great rolling billboard for my shop. I did 50% on the windshield and front roll ups (the illegal and not a good idea part) and 35% on the ports and rear. Its just right, you can see right through the car. I took some shots today with a girl I know from school.

Just a few more finishing touches and its off to the dealers and stereo shops again. The idea was to show you can go light and look good. Everyone up here is on a damn limo tint fix, and for the most windows its legal. :thumb

**I'm not doin windshields unless its a showcar this is my weekend toy**






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