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Roof glass on a conservatory

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Have 20 windows to tint, they are roof windows on a conservatory, they range from 18 x 24 to 26 x 78 inches.

They are all awkward shapes mostly coming to a point at the top where they meet. Do yu charge more for this type of work?

I have worked out my film requirements and allowed for the wastage but feel I should charge more because of the awkward shapes and the fact they ar roof windows all sloping and time consuming.



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Guest vclimber

Someone just posted picks of a similar job not too long ago.

Sometimes you need to rent a lift. Access can be an issue. Definitely more time to install...

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Guest mischief

Always charge more for working with water in your eyes and then still more for the weird shapes, you will have more mistakes beyond the waste inherent in the cutting.

Remember your customer buys a job, not a square foot price.

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most defenatly charge more for a job like that cause it will take you longer to do the job. High work is more expensive unless its residential and there is only 2 or 3 of them. and also make sure to charge for the wasted film cause some of the windows you might have a wasted peice just a bit smaller then the one yer installing. like triangles for instance.

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