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:dunno I used to ride crotch rockets a few years back. With gas going up as high as it is now, I have decided to go out and get me another one. I have a budget of 6500. I would like to have a Yamaha R1, but I am pretty fond of Suzuki GSXR`s.

I will just have to see what I can find used taht is clean and has very low miles.

My last bike was a GSXR 750 so I would really like to move up to a liter bike next if I can find one.

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Guest Reflexxions

This is the one I have ( Honda 954 RR ) got it up to 181 mph and it had plenty left in it to go . I just got alittle nervous though when everything around me look like a picket fence .

Oh this is not a pic. of mine I got it off the web. I didn't have one on my computer .


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