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I know what I'm going to do with the subscribers area

Guest haroldshouseoftint

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Guest haroldshouseoftint

I am going to post pictures of every job I get from TD

I have gotten over 15 calls in the last week all have found me through here :duck:duck

I went and bid 3 resturants (my girlfriends kitchen) they found me here

I sold a Huper Optic Drei job on a Toyota Hilander today for $750.00 they found me here

and I scared a few away with prices that found me here, but thats OK with me

So I will be posting pictures in here, and Thanks Ric, you have alot of traffic on here, and they DO look locally (sc) for tinters off of here.

I owe ya a couple cups of :eyebrows one of these days :nope:bdog

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Guest darkdan

I used to get a great deal of business from this website. It seems to have tapered off though.

Maybe, "window tint Minnesota" on google isn't bringing up tintdude as often as it used to.

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