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Need tips on paying a sub...

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Ok.. I have a big job coming up that, while I can do myself, I really don't want to. It would take alot longer then I wanna be there and it's not super close... so I wanna get it completed in one day.

I have someone to help... with an agreed on sq/ft price.

Now, do we split up the windows evenly... he tints his, I do mine.. or what?

Hopefully he'll be driving, cause I hate to drive. So I'll pay him for that... he has his own tools...

I guess I can sit down and split up the rooms... I just don't know what's normally done when paying some one per sq. Do we split up cutting the film too??

I know... might be noob questions, but hey... I was just walking down the street one day and this guy says... psst buddy... wanna hang tints?? :poke:poke:lol2

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Guest Key West

make a list of rooms, and how many square in each. each of you take a room. when yer done, move on to the next, and write yer name on the list for that room. At the end of the job, youll have how it divides out!! Easy really. :poke:poke:lol2

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if you can divide it by rooms then that would be easiest, if not then just have him and you keep a count on the windows he did. As far as the cutting of the film each of you cut yer own peices.

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