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tint laws

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How do you guys handle tinting vehicles from another state with diffrent laws?

Ex; military customers, vehicle is registered in another state, but they are stationed else where. Do you tint it for where the vehicle is registered, or for your state?

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Usually for the state its registered in.

I had a call today, the guy was from your state, wanting me to tint his car to our, (SC)specs. He is stationed here, and wants its darker than 35%net, and a lifetime warranty. I wasn't sure, but I told him what you said, that it would have to be tinted to the laws of the state it was registered.

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Guest Key West
:lol2 So, your saying you tint to your state law, regardless of vehicle registration.

Abso "f"in lutely. Tint according to your own states law, you cannot be responsible. I'd warn them If their home state does not allow the tint your state does, that they are risking a citation and a fine, but thats it. :lol2

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