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Exterior Film

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Is exterior film always PS adhesive or can it be water activated as well? I am doing an estimate on just 6 windows in an entryway about 20 feet up to the bottom and the house has a wrap around balcony as to where I could do an exterior application with more ease and less expensive with an interior application having to use scaffolding and such. Any exterior film have a look of LLumar DR-35 that you know of off hand? Thanks all!!!!!

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Guest vclimber

I have only seen it in PS. It makes sense because dry adhesive would curl off when the wind hits it.

As for ext looking like DR 35? :beer Most I've seen is just straight silver... but maybe someone else knows of something? :lol2

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Guest mischief

Exterior film sucks. It is difficult to install cleanly and does not last anywhere near as well as interior films. Unless it is almost impossible to access from the inside, the customer is better served with an interior application. Will cost them a bit more to pay you for the extra effort iand the scaffold, but it is better than having it fail in five years and having to use a silver film.

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Guest Bulldog
I dont think they would like the silver 20 on the front of their house...well at least the neighbors would definitely hate it.. They liked the DR-35 look. I may take a look at the Cold Steel.

Run with that thought. I cant recall anyone else who offers nuetral greys in xterior. :thumb

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