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llumar weight list

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My tint cost have gone up alot in the last 3-4 months . I dont think its stealing because I am always at the shop. I think the rolls are getting smaller . I tried twice to get a print out from my llumar dealer and they keep putting me off. I bought a scale and want to start weighing the rolls when I get them . I use llumar ATR ,PP and ATR bronze . If anyone has gotten a copy that they could email me that would be great.

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Guest timthetintman

if your film cost has risen sharply id first doublecheck bookkeeping, my next thought would be someone has their hand in the cookie jar. :eyebrows

hopefully you can get it sorted out soon :eyebrows

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Guest haroldshouseoftint
Any body out there weigh thier rolls? Do you ever find differences ?

I don't weigh them, but I think 36" rolls weigh 8 lbs. that is what I was told a long long time ago (mid 90's) :lol2:lol

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