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BondKap Class In Ft Lauderdale, FL

Guest BKanchorGirl

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Guest BKanchorGirl

I've been sending this to company in that area, figured I might as well post it. :eyebrows

Learn to Install BondKap? and Dow 995

We are planning a BondKap? installation class/demonstration in Ft Lauderdale, FL. We will be conducting the workshop at an actual job site. It will be a one day event tentatively scheduled for May 14th. Frank Fountas, the inventor of BondKap will lead the demonstration. The class is open to all those who are interested free of charge. If you are interested in attending please respond to the contact information below.

Date, location and other relevant information will be available when attendance is determined.

FilmFastener LLC

8206 Copeland Rd

Odessa, FL 33556

813 926-8721 :eyebrows

Fax 813 920-8662




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Guest BKanchorGirl
Bah, 1700 miles away =(

I would totally go too.

If we every run a class in MN I'll be sure to let you know!!! :poke

Oh by the way did you have any questions after recieving your sample pack??

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