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Your truck looks good dood!!! :spit

Clean lines..... :ninja All it needs is a nice set of wheels, NOT DUBS.....

thanks man. I only plan on doing a set of wider wheels in the rear only, same style, unless I find some syck arse wheels then probably put on some aftermarket ones. and yea. no dubs :evileye

TINT what year is your truck? and have you had to put a fuel pump in it yet?

its a 91, and yes, fuel pump already put on. I got itfrom the original owner about 2 years ago. Mdog has seen the progress. I've been trying to sell recently just no luck :lol . guess I'll just keep it. its a 350 under the hood. pretty snappy. flows under cab, belltech suspensino done right with 4/6. had it painted and took off the stock badges, front and back smooth bumpers, mirrors. the list goes onand on :lol2

here's a picture when I first got it after I took off the camper shell!



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