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Satsfaction Guaranteed?

Guest Key West

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Guest Key West

We all know that there are a very small percentage of people out there who will take advantage of others who are trying to make a living. There are also a small number of unscrupulous business owners who prey on custys as well. Ever have a Custy walk in with the mindset that you are gonna screw them? Where does THAT come from?

It was asked in another of my topics the "What ifs". What if the Custy did this, or that, to try and screw ya, or take advantage. Christ, we could sit and come up with reasons that custys are azzholes all night. But the fact remains that MOST ALL Custys are good people. Just as MOST business owners are trying to provide a valuable service. There are shitforbrains on both sides of the fence. And its hard to keep that perspective.

What we, as business owners, need to protect ourselves from are the FEW that would take advantage of the law and profit at our expense. I have a no-fault warranty. My friend (an attorney) offered MANY revisions of it, hopefully to close any LOOPHOLES that could be exploited by a dishonest custy.

It would seem that ANY claim to customer satisfaction must be qualified in writing, lest it be used against us. I've seen it posted by several members here that they guarantee "100% Customer Satisfaction" That mindset needs to be re-thought. Case in point:


While this instance shows a completely unreasonable and out of control custy, the courts are taking this issue serious, and have not dismissed this case as frivolous. Note that the Judge has stated "It's very important to protect the consumer" While the claim is clearly rediculous, the point of law is very poingant, and has serious ramifications for small business should the courts find for the plaintiff.

Rather than 100% satsfaction guaranteed, or satsfaction guaranteed, same day service, etc, I feel that "We STRIVE for 100% satisfaction" would be a better venue. This mentality that the Custy is ALWAYS right is BS. We have to have an out to protect us from dishonest custys. (Hard to believe, but its TRUE some custys will try and screw ya!!)

We can all laugh at this jackass suing the drycleaner, and at how rediculous the lawsuit is, but the sad fact is that he could very well win. And if it can happen there, it can happen anywhere. There are NUMEROUS laws on the books protecting the consumer from unscrupulous business. What laws protect us from the consumer? Just a note: Be careful what you promise.....some promises have teeth that bite ya!

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You are right, but , that particular suit is totally in left field. If that judge hearing that case awards that :ahole anything more than about $150.00, than he's an idiot aswell, you know that as a shop owner :spit happens from time to time, these are called "accidents", and they happen.millions of $'s for a pair of pants, if he was so broke then y was he t a cleaners anyway,I think I would have done my cleaning or found grandma round the corner for alterations, before I wasted my last dollar on a cleaning bill!!! just my thought!! :spit I bet he ate at a steakhouse that night too, should been at the crib with some :spit and crackers :poke

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Guest Marco

I stick with the film warranty and say if theres a problem bring it back and with that said the customer can go somewhere else if he is not satisfied with my work. Not that it has happened but with the film warranty it covers tinters fairly well against things like this. I have had my fair share of perfectionists who try to get over on me but after you say bring it by and I'll strip it and refund your money they never show up. I would rather not deal with it.

Good point to bring up Key west I'm sure someone is removing the satisfaction guaranteed sign right now, as stupid as this lawsuit is he will probably win, how embarassing to our court system :spit

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I offer a 98% satisfaction guarantee. This way only 2 of 100 people can complain.


I'm going to do that too, and if the 3rd guy out of the 100 tries to complain, I'll tell him that I'm sorry, but I've reached my complaining customer max for this set of 100 and that he should try again later.

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Guest darkdan
What an abuse of our legal system. :beer

No one treats our legal system in a way that a sweet lady should be treated.

Instead they beat Lady Justice like she owes them money.

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