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Ahhhh, a good week for me...

Guest VR6freak

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Guest VR6freak

Well, I opend shop exactly 6 months ago today and have managed to stay out of the red so far and have ben geting more calls every week plus the PPF looks like it's going to pick up....But what I'm very excited about is that I finally found a way to keep the shop (located in tornado alley) from being so friggin dusty... After taking every precaution to eliminate contamination, but still getting some, I started using my pressure washer to mist the whole shop about every 15 min while tinting and the last few cars looked nearly perfect and that makes me very happy :dunno

And I tryed fileing for the first time the other day and WOW, I LIKE IT!

Thats it guy's, Thanks for letting me rave about my baby steps. :thumb

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