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Mk2 Clio's

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Tinted a Mk2 Clio, did it in 2 parts, as this is the only way I knew, but just read the strech thing, bit confused on that, but hey ho...

Anyway, went in nice, looked good, spliced it spot on :poop

But, the film sticks over the dot matrix, but does not want to stick on the black edging? Ive noticed this on a previous attepted, but just took it that I was crap, as it was years ago,,

Anyone else experiance this?


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Guest walestint

only ever seen this on some saxo back side windows, but it soon stuck down after it had gone a bit tacky

not had problems with the clio

(soap shrink for a one piece clio is good for me :beer )

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Guest Tint Technology

Tough window to get in one. Personally I can't do them in Sunguard HP, prefer a thinner film, Sunguard Midnight (No longer available, thanks), Llumar is OK, Suntek Standard or Carbon. The thinner the film, the easier to shrink but easier to scorch and burn so you have to learn to work with a lower heat or quicker :thumb I've just done 13 MK'2 Clio's last Sunday, powder shrunk the bottom half and lift, stretch and shrunk the top half, all came out perfect, about 20 mins a screen.


Try and find a Clio back glass from the scrappy and practice, once you can do one of these in one, the rest are piece of pizz. There are plenty of different ways of doing them, this forum will give you them all, I've seen them done wet, dry, stretched etc whatever works, practice makes perfect and earns money :krazy

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