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Who makes the Darkest Tint?

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I think the guy from venezuela usually post a really low VLT check out the tinted car photo section for vzla-tint. Why dont you just layer it :eyebrows just put a third layer on my back glass :beer it was only 70 over 2X 5%. to try and keep the heat absorbtion from the dark tint to the outside of the vehicle with the IR reflective propeetys of this one...we'll se how that works :lol

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Optical technology makes a 3% but frankly dark is dark. I doubt anyone could tell the difference between 3 an 5 homeslice

dig the name dood

Thanks Man :eyebrows

Ok then it looks like I will have to double up the tint. Has anyone put on 2 layers of 5%? That would be the equivalent of 1 layer of 2.5%? I know I won't be able to see anything at night but I will roll the windows down after dark. I have 6% on my car now but you can still see in. Will doubling up the tint fix this problem? Oh yea aren't most limozines tinted with 2 layers of 5%? I notice you can never see in there even in the middle of a sunn afternoon.

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