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You Auto Tinters R in Trouble Now!!

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You can buy carpaint - but not sure You will paint Your car.

You can buy car kit - but not sure You will make new car.

You can buy bricks - but not sure You will built Your house.

People must do what they can do.

People who will tint-car-themselves - ANYCASE NOT YOUR CUSTOMER.

But Your customer will leave with You.

Don't be afraid od D.I.Y.-ers.


But other problem grow now - totally low film prices. This problem exist.

And new brands and "manufacturers" number will grow monthly.

I think You can notice that. In last 2-3 years many new "window film factories" were and will be opened. But people can't promote product they sell, usually don't undersdtand what does they sell - so one and only way they can find - sell as cheap as possible using e-bay, shme-bay, internet-shops e.t.c. This destroy market more serious than DIY kits, because lot of profs also buy this -ebay films which quality very often are out of critics :lol6


Also don't bash MFG's for selling DIY kits - MFG's need money that's why they make biz. And they want to cover as more customers as possible. DIY, profs, students - everybody. More customers - more money.

Money money - more profit.

More profit - more possibilties to improve quality and invent new product (in case money was not spent on manager's ties-white-shirts)

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