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good idea for customers

Guest thetintshop

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Guest thetintshop

customers might want to watch who they do business with. ESPECIALLY in small towns. might hurt your pocket book in the long run.

had a customer call today, had a rock chip in his new truck, still had the dealer tags on it. he asks how much and I tell him $35. (since it's a new truck, might get me a tint job on top of it, hoping anyway) so he comes in this afternoon, and low and behold, windows are already tinted. and this guy lives about 4 minutes drive from my shop. so I start doing his chip repair and come to find out, it's actually two chips, just close together. so I fix them both.

now, my regular rate is $35 for the first one, $10 for each one after the first. but since he had his windows tinted somewhere else, I charged him $35 for each one. the guy pays $70, instead of $45. all because he went some where other than right in his own hometown to tint his windows.

some of you other business owners may frown upon my practices, but I really don't give a shiot. the people in this town are a bunch of asshats, and I'm sick of it. do I feel bad? hell no. this is one time my conscience isn't tearing me up.

so all of you customers doing business with different shops that offer the same services, might take a closer look at your descisions. and not let a cheaper price be the dictator.

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Life is too short not to follow your heart. I learned early on to listen to that little voice inside, sometimes to my own detriment, but looking back, years later and being able to say you were true to your own conscience regardless of consequence is priceless.

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Guest thetintshop

I'm one of those guys that it would eat me up to take advantage of an elderly person, like alot of shops do (not singling out tint). I don't tint illegal, I don't cut corners to make an extra buck, ect. I'm straight forwrd, and honest. (and that honesty has cost me alot of jobs. for some reason, people don't want to hear the truth)

but when somebody drives at least 25 miles away, to have something done that he can get done just as good, if not better, right near his home, I tend to take it a little personal.

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Guest thetintshop

yep, The Tint Shop. founded april 1996.

I did it under Sandyland Auto (my dad's shop) from 85 till 96.

I basically named it that because everything here has that kind of name,

The Parts House

The Cafe

The Lunchbox

The Space Place

The Tire Rack

The Melon Shed

The Store

The Movie Store

The Pizza Place

The Donut Shop

The Clean Shop & More

kinda f****d up HUH?

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