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Guest tark101

yeah, it was great!! :lol6

Redman, where ya at, boy? Haven't heard much out of you since your team got flushed down the toilet.

Spurrier is a joke and Quincy Carter is a way better QB than Ramsey will ever be. I can't wait for the Redskins-Cowboys game. I want to see you eat crow after all that trash you talked about the Cowboys at the beginning of the season.

And for all you geniuses who felt the need to say the Cowboys would only win four or five games, we got five already, baby! And we still get to play the 'Skins two times. Heck, that's two more wins we are gonna have.

The Atlanta Falcons are the most pathetic team I have seen in a while (besides the Lions). You lose one guy and the whole team can't play? Vick didn't play defense, anyway.

The only team that has surprised me so far is the Vikings.



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