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Tired of my film co.

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We have been using Solargard since '97, lately it has been like pulling teeth to get them to do anything service-wise. My biggest b***h with them is their light transmission inconsistencies. We use Quantum 37 and True grey 38 for our legal films. Legal is 35% here. For about the past year, 37 and 38 are running from 27 to 33 right out of the box. We never used to check the transmission until we had a customer get a ticket, and we thought we must have put on 28 or something, so re-tinted and measured at 25% vlt, with HPTG 38. Since then we started using quantum 52 for legal, (it's usually around 40-42% vlt.) I would like some suggestions, and am curious if this is typical of other companies also?

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Guest thetintshop

differences are probably since bekaert took over. they do alot of stuff different now. like sell to wrecker services and auto parts stores. differences in film quality don't suprise me.

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Guest tintslut

sounds like the tribe has spoken, Hit bekeart where it hurts, BUY GLOBAL.

GLOBAL even has a dry adhesive film now!..

If you are looking for uncomprimised quality, Do you really need to look any further than LLUMAR ?

Madico has toooo many issues in the past, as well as Sungard.

The only reason to use Suntek, Johnson or brand X is price.

So buy the Global, get 10 extra feet on every roll, and dont look fookin back.

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