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PPF vs. Security Film

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clear single strength 1/8" glass.

half tinted in 3M's silver ultra 400 series. the other half done in LLumar's new 6 mil PPF.

set the glass up 35 feet from where I was standing and used my Daisy model 840 Grizzly BB Gun. :dunno I was shooting at the filmed side. not the glass side.

one pump on the gun and here's the result. the security film broke instantly. PPF side didn't look like it had been shot.


it took 4 pumps on the gun before the PPF side broke and ended up looking like this.....


the bb penetrated the security film with the first 1 pump shot.

the bb still hasn't penetrated the PPF.

what does this mean? :welcome

kinda interesting to see though :rollin I thought 3M's security film would hold up better than that. it's nice to know that the PPF is so tough. :rollin

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Guest darkdan

#1 Thickness of material (4 mil vs 6 mil.....FIFTY percent difference)

#2 PPF is "soft" and thus absorbs the energy while the tint will transfer it more

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