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Guaranteed it will range from 12 months to 3 or 4 years old. Most of it comes back within 2. :angel

Yep same symptoms....and you know something?

When ever I get a call from a customer with a warranty problem, 110% I'm right every time without even going back initially through the records.

Faded to nothing, ripple distortions, fuzzy appearance....sun garbage written all over it.

Job done on the 17/9/1998 with a lifetime warranty.

Got all the details with roll numbers, film type, date installed, original warranty form, address, etc but I'll tell you now I won't get a brass razoo for the redo.

Why? Because the customer has only the warranty form and has lost the original invoice.

In this country we have to keep docuumentation for 7 years and that has expired so despite the logged in information which is not made up, these bastards will use it as a way out.....right Bundy? :angel

I've always said that the crap should have a national recall.

And I finished using it some time ago when I realised for myself that there were just too many regular failures coming through and right across the board.

Not just a batch but everything throughout the horrible miserable 2+ years I ever had to lay that shite in good faith.


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