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tinting a coach

Guest MAGIC2006

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This is kinda like when ya get a call and it goes like this....

customer: You tint windows still?

tinter: Yes

customer: How much do you charge.....

(Losts of time goes bye) :lol6

tinter: What do you want tinted?

tinter:A house , buisness, or auto.

customer: A car

(more time, but not as much)

tinter: What type of car? :lol6

You guys/gals get the picture :lol6

Getting the info that you need is like pulling teeth :lol6

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oh, I'd HATE to sell insurance

salesperson: what can I help you with?

cust: I need insurance for my car

s/p : what kinda car?

cust : its a blue one

s/p : who makes it?

cust : its a ford

s/p : what kinda ford??

cust: I just told you, its a blue ford.......

same :lol6 :lol6 :booga

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