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what happened to our industry?

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19 yr flat glass vet. Handled every film out there practically. 2mil-15mil. Recently been traveling doing Hotels with a partner, we have a combined 47 yr experience. Believe it our not you hacks. Many good references. How many of us are out there that are experiencing the same deal this year? This is prolly the worst year we've seen in this industry, IMO. If you post a job on here looking for help, dont have 35 people call you only to find out that you got a call to go do an estimate. Have some balls to call people back, and also dont punch the people in the nuts with a ton of experience with 30 cents a foot. Could you feed your family earning 30 cents a foot? I was born and raised in this country and expect to make a decent wage in my profession, not a wage that can be beat by flippin burgers at Joes burger joint alongside Jose`! Ive worked for many shops as a sub that claim to be the "BEST IN TOWN" only to have them f you in the long run. Im not crying here, believe it or not, Im simply saying lets put some class back in our industry. There are some of us that LOVE the thought of hanging film, I do!! I havent been in it this long for nothing! Believe it or not, were not all the crackheads that tinters get the rap to be, I know we have all worked with a few. We have homes, 40k dollar trucks, and mouths to feed. Believe me if I could live in a dumpster wrapping a belt around my arm for a fix every day at lunch and know that I may have 8 cars waiting to tint or another 5k ft of flatglass to do.. I mean, why not?! But some of us have morals and ethics that our families and the good Lord has taught us. Im sure there are others out there that can attest to what Im saying.

Now with that said....

2 man crew, combined 47 yrs exp solar and safety films with attachment exp. Nationwide experience.

Any references you need can be given.

If you need help, or you need two professionals to complete a job for you, please contact 954.394.0578.

It would be my desire to see our industry establish itself like it once was. A industry like others, who pay for experience, quality, professionalism and integrity. Please dont take this post the wrong way, if you have, than thats your opionion, your entitled to it.

Good Luck this year.

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